When transporting furniture in Australia, whether you are moving house or have just purchased it, getting it delivered can be sometimes be more difficult than imagined. There are several options available when it comes to selecting a freight company that can transport your furniture, whether it is flat packed furniture, boxed goods or large lounge suites. Selecting the right freight company means you could save money and time.

Road Transport and Pallet Freight– the Economical Option

Road freight services for business to business deliveries are probably the most common form of transport in Australia. The large semi-trailers often seen on the roads are picking up and delivering goods locally and interstate on a daily basis. Generally when you use this service, you only pay for the space you take up, not for the whole truck as some couriers would charge. In most circumstances, all road freight is either palletised or crated for transit. This is also how a freight company can offer an economical cost, as the loading and unloading can be done with a forklift – increasing efficiency from loading the truck to warehouse management. Sending new furniture, such as flat packed shelving, bed frames and tables can all be boxed and packed on a pallet. So, pallet freight on the road would probably be the best option.

Removalists – for Fragile and Bulky Furniture

However not all furniture can be packed on a pallet or crated. Lounge suites for example, can become quite bulky and oddly shaped, so that even manual handling them can be quite a challenge. Where road freight wouldn’t be the best option here, there are professionals that can help. Removalist companies have the best experience in handling this sort of freight, and regularly help people relocate homes and offices. With road freight, the goods would need to be packed ready on pickup, but hiring a removalist means they have all the materials and equipment. They will have plastic to shrink wrap the goods, protecting them from scratches and the general wear and tear of transport. They also have furniture pads to put on the bottom of couch legs, allowing them to easy drag heavy furniture without damaging the floor surface. With the custom level of care that you receive with a removalist, the cost for this service is often much more than a road freight service.

Transporting Furniture Yourself

Possibly the cheapest option is to transport the furniture yourself, either by getting a trailer or renting a small truck. If the distance from pickup to delivery isn’t too far, and helping hand is close by, this option could save you from emptying your wallet on hiring manual labour for a day.

Furniture Shipping in Australia

If you’d like to go the easy and convenient route, booking in a furniture shipping company might be the best option. Simply fill in our courier quote form and we’ll get back to you shortly with a price.