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If you’ve just sold your pitbike you may wonder how you’re going to get it safely transported to the buyer. Freight Quote Australia is a local and interstate transport company that can move your pitbike to its destination safely. Simply request a courier quote online and we’ll be in touch shortly.

What is the Difference Between a Dirt Bike and a Pitbike?

The distinction between dirt bikes and pitbikes lies primarily in their size, power and intended usage. Dirt bikes are larger and heavier, made for serious off-road riding pursuits like motocross, enduro and trail riding. Dirt bikes have more powerful engines with high horsepower and are built to withstand rough terrain, featuring long-travel suspension and durable components. In contrast, pitbikes are smaller, lighter and resemble miniature versions of dirt bikes. They are popular for recreational riding in smaller areas such as off-road circuits. Pitbikes are often favoured by younger riders or those seeking a less intimidating experience. Pitbikes typically have smaller engines and less horsepower, making them ideal for beginners. Below are some popular pitbike brands and models.

Thumpstar Pitbikes

The Thumpstar TSB 110 runs a 110cc engine, providing torque and acceleration for tackling various terrains with ease. With a wheelbase measuring only 123cm, it’s compact size along with its reliable frame and suspension system ensure excellent stability and control, even when navigating rough trails or executing jumps. The TSB 110 weighs approximately 80 kg with a seat height of around 75cm, offering a comfortable riding position for riders of different heights. The robust Thumpstar TSB 110 features a steel frame, strong front and rear suspension with around 265mm of travel and reliable disc brakes for quick and responsive stopping power. Its 110cc air-cooled engine is paired with a smooth-shifting manual transmission enabling riders to easily switch through gears and maintain power delivery. Like almost all pitbikes, the TSB 110 comes equipped with grippy off-road tires mounted on sturdy alloy wheels. The Thumpstar TSX 125 is another popular choice. It offers a larger displacement with its 125cc engine, delivering slightly more power and torque for riders who crave extra performance. With a wheelbase of 126cm and a weight of 80-90kg, the TSX 125 is only slightly larger and heavier than the TSB 110. If you’re not a fan of the classic lime green panels of the Thumpstar, you can purchase color change kits, which are available in pink, orange, red, black and turquoise.

Elstar PitBike

Elstar pitbikes are a popular choice among riders seeking thrilling off-road adventures. The Elstar RFZ140 has a seat height of 84cm, wheel base of 120cm and net weight of 71kg. The RFZ140 is equipped with a fast 140cc engine, robust suspension system and responsive disc brakes and is capable of tackling challenging terrain with ease. Additionally, the RFZ140 features design elements such as aggressive styling and colour schemes. While the Thumpstar TSX 125 offers similar performance capabilities, the Elstar RFZ140’s unique design and slightly lighter weight may appeal to riders looking for a more agile pitbike experience.

PitsterPro Pitbikes

One standout model from PitsterPro is the 125cc PitsterPro MXR 125R, which is known for its rugged construction and impressive power output. With a seat height of 76cm, wheelbase of 113cm and a weight of around 66kg, the MXR 125R offers the rider precise handling and control.

Special Freight Considerations for Transporting a Pitbike

Before booking in a courier company to transport your pitbike, keep in mind that certain components of a pitbike are more vulnerable than others to damage during transportation. A pitbike is a large and bulky item that needs to be transported with care. Despite their tough design, the handlebars are susceptible to bending on heavy impact if not securely fastened, especially if the bike is laid down during transport. The exhaust system consists of pipes and a muffler that can receive dents or damage from contact with other objects. The wheels and tires are vulnerable to damage from hard impacts and sharp objects. The plastic body panels and coverings surrounding the frame and engine are at risk of scratches, cracks or cosmetic damage.

Preparing a Pitbike for Transport

By far the safest and most secure way to transport a pitbike is inside a solid wooden crate. Fully enclosed crates have a significant advantage over regular pallets in that they protect the goods from impacts in all directions. Strap the pitbike firmly to the bottom of the crate and also tie down the handlebars so that these remain immobilised during the journey. If strapped correctly, it shouldn’t be necessary to wrap the pitbike in protective bubble wrap or similar packaging material, but if it’s a brand new pitbike and you don’t want to risk a single scratch, go ahead and cover it up. Due to the size of the crate and the relative light weight of the pitbike, it’s unlikely that the weight of any additional protective packaging will increase the cost of transporting your pitbike. Finally, consider purchasing freight insurance. It’s especially recommended if the transport journey is a bit risky and/or the pitbike is of high value.

Ship a Pitbike in Australia

Whether from Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to Brisbane, Freight Quote Australia can ship your pitbike. We transport all over the country! Just ensure you give accurate dimensions and package the bike well to avoid damage.