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Freight Preparation of Bundles and Lengths

Transporting long bundles is very common, particularly for builders, plumbers and other tradespeople. On a smaller scale, the regular householder might also occasionally need to figure out how to get their goods from A to B. They might just have bought new curtain rods from the local hardware store, or some long pieces of wood for a DIY project. Transporting long timber and similar isn’t necessarily difficult, but comes with its own unique set of challenges and considerations.
This page provides some guidelines on how to transport long timber, pipes and other lengthy items safely and with the least risk of damage to your goods.


Transporting Bundles and Lengths Safely

The proper packaging of lengths is essential to make sure that they are handled and transported safely. Quite often these lengths and bundles will need to be lifted by forklifts and placed on the ground which means they need to be protected from impact, scratching and denting. Long and heavy items that do not fit in a crate or case have to be strapped with steel strapping to a skid or pallet to enable them to be forklifted. Note that if they are packed on a skid, the skid must have a Safe Weight Limit (SWL) that exceeds the weight of the items.

Guidelines for Preparing Lengths for Transport

  • Items must be bundled together with heavy steel or metal strapping.
  • Having bearers strapped to them enables forklift handling from underneath. This is the preferred method.

Preventable Issues When Transporting Long Bundles

Long and heavy freight can pose a danger to freight handlers during transit and therefore must be prepared securely. Appropriate freight preparation also reduces the risk of damage to the goods themselves in transit.
loading of long boards
Poor Packaging Example
Associated Problem
Packaging Solution
The items themselves have not been wrapped for protection and painted surfaces are in direct contact with pallet
Scratched and damaged goods
Lengths with exposed painted surfaces must be protected by heavy duty wrapping to prevent any damage to the surface
Items have been bundled together too loosely
Lengths spearing out during transit
Multiple lengths must be bundled tightly to prevent movement during transit. Bundles of steel require metal strapping to secure the items
Items have not been supported by a full-length skid or a crate
Damage to the ends
Long bundles like copper pipe are prone to damage and need to be supported at the ends

Quote on Shipping Long Items

Need a price on tranporting bundles and lengths? Submit the details of your consignment via the courier quote page and we’ll get back to you soon.