Hino truck in Australia driving on the highway

Hino Trucks are a renowned manufacturer of commercial vehicles, primarily trucks and buses. With a strong presence globally, Japanese brand Hino is recognised for its efficiency in the commercial transportation sector.

Who Makes Hino Trucks?

Hino Trucks Motors Ltd. primarily operates independently, however they are officially a part of the Toyota Group, under the Toyota Motor Division.

Where are Hino Trucks Manufactured?

Hino trucks are built in many different parts of the world. Some of these places include:

    • Japan. Hino’s headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are located in Japan. The company has several production plants here, including its leading plant in Hino City, Tokyo.
    • United States. One of Hino’s main facilities is situated in Williamstown, West Virginia, where it builds medium and heavy-duty trucks specifically designed for the North American market.
    • Indonesia. Hino has a significant presence in Indonesia, which services the Southeast Asian market. The company produces a range of trucks and buses at its plant in Purwakarta.

What are the Main Hino Trucks in Australia?

Hino 300 Series

The Hino 300 Series is ideal for local couriers and light-duty road freight. The Hino 300 is compact and maneuverable, making it well-suited for tasks like city deliveries and refrigerated transport. Its reputation for low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements further makes it a preferred choice for businesses operating in urban areas.

As with most trucks, the dimensions of Hino 300 Series trucks vary depending on factors such as the cab configuration (standard cab or crew cab) and the type of body installed. Typically, these trucks range from around 5.5m to 7.5m in length, accommodating various body types such as box body, flatbed or tipper. In terms of height, Hino 300 Series trucks stand between 2.2m and 3m. They are between 2.2m and 2.5m wide.

Hino 500 Series

The Hino 500 Series is a popular favourite for work including regional freight distribution, construction and waste management. It is a go-to option for businesses needing a reliable medium-duty truck. What makes it particularly appealing is its emphasis on driver comfort and safety on long drives. The 500 series is popular for its durability and low maintenance requirements, lowering operating costs for businesses in the long run.

The dimensions of a Hino truck 500 Series range from around 6m to 12m in length, encompassing both standard cab and crew cab configurations. Like the 300 series the Hino 500 series can be equipped with various body types such as flatbed, tipper and box body. The height ranges from 2.5 to 3.5m and width ranges between 2.2 and 2.5m.

Hino 700 Series

The Hino 700 Series represents the pinnacle of heavy-duty trucking, including long-haul transport, mining and heavy construction freight. Spanning from 8m to 12m in length, they provide plenty of space for various cargo configurations and payloads. Hino 700 Series trucks are notably larger than their smaller siblings, reaching up to 3.5m in height and 2.5m to 2.8m in width.

    Hino Smart Safe – Protecting Drivers and Other Road Users

    Hino Smart Safe implements several advanced safety features to enhance driver awareness and minimise risks on the road, providing protection for the driver, pedestrians and other road users. Some of these include:

    Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

    This feature uses cameras and sensors to monitor the Hino truck’s position within its lane. If the system detects that the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of its lane, it alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings.

    Pre-Collision System (PCS)

    Hino’s PCS is designed to detect potential collisions with vehicles pedestrians or obstacles ahead of the Hino truck. Using sensors and radar technology, the system monitors the distance and relative speed between the Hino truck and any objects in its path. If it determines that a collision is imminent, PCS provides the driver with audible and visual warnings. If there is no response, the truck can brake autonomously.

    Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

    VSC is a proactive safety feature that prevents skidding and loss of control during sudden manoeuvres or unfavourable driving conditions. It achieves this by selectively applying brakes to individual wheels and adjusting engine power to help stabilise the Hino truck. This allows the driver to maintain control and avoid accidents.

      How Many Kilometres Can Hino Trucks Go?

      A well maintained Hino truck can be expected to cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres without skipping a beat. These trucks are built to withstand demanding conditions and long hauls. The exact distance a Hino truck can travel before requiring significant maintenance or overhaul depends on factors such as the model, engine type, driving conditions and maintenance schedule. However, it’s not uncommon for a well-maintained Hino truck to clock over 500,000 kilometres or more during its lifespan. With regular servicing and proper care, some Hino trucks have even been known to surpass the million-kilometre mark. This impressive mileage capability makes Hino trucks a trusted asset for businesses reliant on dependable transportation over long distances.

      Hino Truck Price in Australia

      The entry-level Series 300 trucks are priced competitively, with new models starting from around $50,000 and reaching up to $110,000.

      Stepping up to the Series 500, prices generally range from $90,000 to $200,000.

      At the top end, the flagship Series 700 trucks come at a higher price, starting at about $200,000 and potentially exceeding $300,000 for more advanced models.

      Payload and Pallet Capacity of Hino Trucks

      The Hino 300 Series has a carrying capacity (payload) of up to 4 tonnes, making it ideal for light to medium-duty tasks such as urban deliveries and short-haul transportation. It can comfortably fit 8 pallets on the standard tray size.

      The Hino 500 Series will handle medium-duty work with ease, featuring a payload capacity of up to 6 tonnes. In its tipper tray variety, it is excellent for construction or transporting materials to and from the jobsite. The Hino 500 series can fit around 10-12 standard pallets.

      At the top of the line, the Hino 700 Series offers heavy-duty performance for long-haul transportation. With a payload capacity of up to 11 tonnes, these trucks can carry up to 14 pallets and excel in transporting anything from large items to dangerous goods. Interstate transport is no problem for this beast!