Freight Quote - Pallet Freight Transportation of Bulky and Heavy Goods

Pallet Freight Services

Freight Quote Australia’s pallet delivery service is one of the most cost effective ways to move bulky goods through the city and beyond. There are many pallet freight options to suit the diversity of our customers’ needs, including:

  • pickup and / or delivery with a tail-lift (e.g. if forklift is not available at either end)
  • pallet delivery direct to your home or business premises within the same city or region
  • Urgent Pallet freight – same day delivery of your pallet or pallets, anywhere within the same metro area
  • Standard Pallet Courier – Get a Quote today, for delivery the following business day.

Standard Pallet Dimensions Australia

A pallet is a great way to transport products both locally and interstate. When stacking and fixing items to a pallet, it’s important to note the standard pallet dimensions. Maximum pallet height for shipping is 1.8m, measured from the floor and to the top of the finished packed pallet of goods. This will ensure that no time is lost due to a smaller delivery vehicle not being able to legally or physically carry the goods, due to height restrictions. The maximum width of a standard pallet is 1.2m x 1.2m. Some pallets may be narrower than this, but regardless, make sure you check the final measurement of your packed pallet of items, doesn’t exceed 1.2m in width.

“A responsibly packed and wrapped pallet will minimise the risk of delays.”

Pallet Pickup and Delivery – Do you need a Hydraulic Tail-Lift?

A hydraulic tail-lift is commonly used to get pallets onto or off the delivery vehicle, where there is no access to a forklift or crane. Most smaller delivery vehicles such as utes and small trucks are not fitted with tail-lifts, so if you find a cheap pallet delivery quote online, it’s important that you consider how the pallet will be loaded onto the delivery vehicle.

Pallet Transport –
Leaving Pallets Unattended

Business to business deliveries are usually unloaded at the receiving end by the customer, during business hours. However if the delivery address is a private home, your customer or the person at the receiving end may not be able to be home to sign for the delivery. In cases like this, you have the option to authorise us to instruct the driver to leave the goods unattended on site. You should only consider this option if there is access to leave the pallet out of sight from the road. If the goods need to remain dry, then we strongly recommend the use of a plastic pallet sleeve, pallet wrap or similar. Being on top of a pallet will protect the goods from damp and ground water, and a sufficient layer of waterproof plastic will help ensure that the items remain clean and dry even in the event of inclement weather.
Pallet Freight Services - Door to Door with Freight Quote

Safe Strapping and Wrapping of Pallet Freight

While a plastic sleeve and some tape will go a long way towards shower-proofing your pallet of goods, it should not be relied upon to keep the goods fixed firmly even to a small pallet. Although it may not appear necessary to strap certain goods to a pallet to keep them stable, you should never risk shipping pallet freight without first securing the goods firmly to the pallet. Use at least two straps, and if possible, tension tighten the goods to the pallet. This is especially important if you are shipping goods interstate, as there is a high likelihood that your cargo will at some point be unloaded at a depot and reloaded, perhaps onto a larger delivery vehicle. A responsibly packed and wrapped pallet will minimise the risk of delays, and will maximise the likelihood of your pallet freight arriving intact and on time at its final destination. Contact us today for a heavy pallet delivery quote.