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What is a Hiab Truck?

A crane truck or Hiab, is a truck with a crane mounted on it. The crane is powered by the truck’s engine through hydraulics and was created by a Swedish company called Hydrauliska Industri AB, abbreviated to Hiab (pronounced high-ab). As is the case with many trailblazers, Hiab has become synonymous with mobile crane and is commonly used when referring to any crane truck.

With Hiab transport, you are able to load and unload the truck without any other equipment, like a forklift – offering convenience, time and cost savings. Are you thinking about a Hiab hire to help you with some bulky truck freight? We have access to crane trucks and can take care of the entire delivery for you. Submit a Quote Request online for your next crane truck delivery.

Delivery Truck With a Crane

Hiab crane truck services are great when you’re low on space. The crane is compact and mounted right behind the vehicle cab or at the very end of the tray. This means loading can take place in tight spaces whilst very little tray space has been sacrificed. If a forklift needs to be transported along with the freight in order to load and unload, more space is required on the ground and on the tray. This significantly reduces the allowable weight and size of freight on every load.
Because a Hiab crane can move a load vertically and horizontally, they are highly effective in places where other methods of loading and unloading are impossible. Like placing a load on the other side of a fence or delivering to a very busy and cramped building site. When necessary it can even lift the load onto a second storey of a building.

What’s more is the crane allows for loading of awkwardly shaped or bulky freight, like large water or fuel tanks that cannot easily be loaded by forklift. They can lift heavy loads and loads that have been placed in awkward inaccessible spots, such as alleyways.

“Hiab truck cranes are great for loading and transporting anything from bulk freight on pallets, steel and bricks to building and construction sites…”


Working With Crane Specifications…

As versatile as they are, Hiab trucks do have their limits. The crane can lift more weight closer to itself than it can when fully extended. When lifting with an extended arm, the stability of the truck is affected and can cause it to fall over onto its side if the weight limit is exceeded. It also has stabilising legs which need a solid surface to be lowered and aid in stabilising the truck whilst the crane is in operation. There are many different makes and models of cranes, with varying specifications and capabilities. There are also numerous makes and models of trucks, each with their own specifications which can be fitted with a crane. Therefore, every Hiab lorry has a safe working standard specific to that particular crane and truck which details the limited range and weight capacity to safely operate the crane.


Safety First

As is the case with all heavy vehicles and equipment, operating the crane and truck safely are extremely important. There are many potentially hazardous aspects coinciding, such as hydraulic hoses under pressure, the moving crane arm or an extremely heavy load being moved by the crane. Hiab truck operators are specially trained to operate the crane and truck safely and to work within the Hiab lifting capacity and the truck weight capacity. Bystanders should always stand well clear of the truck and the crane whilst goods are being loaded or unloaded.


Hiab Delivery

We have access to crane truck operators all over Australia. Get a courier quote today!