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Bulky Items Freight

If you need a bulky items freight service, Freight Quote can help you transport your bulky goods without any fuss. Simply Request a Quote to see what we can do for you.

The below list is in no way exhaustive, but provides some examples of the types of things we can transport for you:

  • bulky gym equipment and furnture items
  • garage items, including lawnmowers, work bench and bulky tools
  • large pieces of timber, bales of insulation and other building materials
  • machine and automotive parts, such as wheels, tyres, engines, gearboxes etc.

While we do specialise in bulky items freight, it’s important to state that Freight Quote is not a removalist company. As such, it is important that goods to be picked up should be placed ready (in advance if possible) either at the entrance of the building, on the driveway or even next to the kerb, if it is safe and responsible to do so.

Drivers should not be expected to lift in excess of 25kg unaided, but may offer to help to load a heavier item together with you. As a general rule, goods to be shipped should not stand more than 1.8m tall and ought not be longer than the tray of the vehicle they are being loaded onto.

Bulky Items Freight - Avoid Demurrage by booking with Freight Quote today.

Avoid Demurrage Cost – Plan the Pickup and Delivery

The term ‘demurrage’ is commonly used in the shipping and freight industry to refer to delays experienced by the driver of the delivery vehicle either at the pick up point or at the delivery end. Common causes of demurrage inlude:

  • driver arrives at pick up address at the scheduled time to find goods are not ready to be loaded
  • the goods to be loaded onto the vehicle are much larger than what was described
  • the courier driver arrives at the delivery address at the scheduled time to find the gate locked, or no-one home.

Demurrage is a costly and often avoidable occurrence, and freight companies will usually have little choice but to pass on the additional cost to the customer. The best tips for avoiding demurrage are:

  • when you submit your Quote Request, describe accurately the type of goods which need to be picked up
  • plan for the pick up and delivery; make sure that the address is accessible to the driver on the scheduled day
  • communicate well in advance of any changes.
  • Always keep your mobile phone handy.

Ebay & Gumtree – Freight for Customers and Online Merchants

If you’ve purchased a large piece of furniture or another kind of bulky item online, then you’ll probably agree that placing and paying for the order online is the easy part of the transaction. Physically transporting the item to your home or to your customers address can be a challenge, and here’s where Freight Quote can help! Before you go out and hire a ute or a trailer, get in touch with us via our Online Freight Quote form.
Let us know what you have purchased, where it is located, and when and where it needs to be delivered. We can typically have a quote to you in less than 15 minutes, saving you time, cost and lots of hassle!