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“Regional freight services is one of our specialties.”

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Melbourne to Sydney

Cleaning and packaging suppliers, office equipment resellers, engine and machinery parts, bulk stationery retail, building supplies wholesalers – these and many many more businesses can benefit from Freight Quote’s Melbourne to Sydney interstate shipping services. If you’re shipping business to business, make sure you advise us of the opening hours both at the pick up point and delivery point.

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Sydney to Brisbane

If you are transporting boxes, pallets or other bulky goods from Sydney to Brisbane, then our Sydney to Brisbane service is tailor made for you. If the driver will need a crane or HIAB to lift your consignment onto the courier truck, please advise us at the time of submitting your Quote Request, so that we can arrange this for you.

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Sydney to Wagga

Looking for a competitive price to transport your goods from Sydney to Wagga? Freight Quote Australia can help. A pallet of insulation, a stack of tyres or wheels, carpet tiles or the big glass fish tank you just bought on Ebay – carefully packed of course! These are just a handful of examples of the types of goods we can move for you.

Guidelines for Regional Deliveries

Then goods or pallets are to be transported over large distances, then you can expect them to be loaded and unloaded between vehicles at least once while they are en-route to their final destination. That’s why it’s particularly important that the goods are properly packaged, to minimise the chance of damage occurring while the goods are being loaded and unloaded, whether this be with a forklift, or in the event of a smaller consignment – by hand. For more information on what to expect during the freight process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Preparing your items for a regional delivery is mostly common sense, but some points are important to highlight. Pallets should be packed so that there is no overhang beyond the edges of the pallet, and even more importantly, so that the final width or length of the pallet width doesn’t exceed 1.2m. Loose boxes or items to be lifted by hand should not exceed 25kg in weight, and any void spaces in boxes should be filled with foam or a similar material.

Make sure you state if you are shipping dangerous goods or not, as these goods have very specific requirements for shipping and are charged differently to standard freight. They must be properly packaged, labelled, and grouped for sending depending on the type. 

We are are willing and able to provide you with details on how to prepare your freight for shipping, organise the process, and avoid any additional costs because of incorrect information, delays, damage or demurrage, but it is your responsibility to do the preparation and provide all the necessary information about the schedule and the goods to us.