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Australia covers 7,682,300 square kilometres of land, making it the sixth largest nation in the world. It is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. To the north, the Arafura and Timor seas separate it from Asia, to the east the Tasman Sea lies between Australia and New Zealand. A widespread passenger rail network exists in the major capital cities, but intercity and interstate rail networks are more limited. The Australian rail network consists of 32,784 kilometres of track and is mostly owned by the government, but operated by private companies.


Large Proportion of Road Freight in Australia

Road transport is a fundamental part of Australia’s transport network. Due to Australia’s vast land area and low population density in a large proportion of the country, there is a heavy reliance on roads to transport pallets, containers and other bulky items within the country. The Australian federal governments have provided extensive funding for road upgrades over the years, to the benefit of both commuters and companies providing courier services.


Specialising in Bulky Items Freight across Australia

Freight Quote Australia provides freight transport services throughout Australia and utilises crane trucks and HIABs to load and unload awkwardly shaped freight. Whether you need goods delivered within major metro areas or pallets transported interstate, we can provide the service you need. Simply fill out  the online courier quote form as accurately as you can, with a clear description of the items that need to be picked up, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote.


Railways Carry Vast Amount of Freight

In 2012-13 over one billion tonnes of freight was carried on Australian railways. Western Australia alone accounted for more than half of the rail freight, compared to Queensland which moved 22 percent and New South Wales which moved 17 percent. It is primarily iron ore and coal which dominate bulky freight movement in Australia, usually within the state. The mining industry, which accounts for more than fifty percent of Australia’s exports, relies on railways to transport its products to Australia’s ports to be exported.


Sea Ports Scattered Along Australia's Coastline

Australia’s sea ports can be found spread out on its vast coastline and play a fundamental role in the country’s imports and exports. Western Australia has more sea ports than any other state. Container terminals are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Air Freight Gaining Momentum

Over 300 paved airports can be found in Australia and the three busiest ones are Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport and Brisbane airport. These days it is common practice for passenger airlines to carry “belly cargo”, where the spare space in the aeroplane’s baggage hold that isn’t needed for passenger luggage is used to transport freight. “On-board couriers” may bring their cargo into the passenger cabin as carry-on luggage. Transport by air enables goods to be moved in a fraction of the time and urgent freight can now be delivered across the globe by air in as little as 48 hours from door to door.


Good Business Prospects with Efficient Transport Networks

Efficient transport networks in Australia has opened up a world of opportunities for online shopping and creates unique business possibilities. A company can, for example, facilitate buying and selling without ever handling the goods themselves, savings itself costs associated with storage.

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