Kenworth. The name brings to mind immaculately presented prime movers, cruising along the highway, hauling multi combination trailers. Kenworth is synonymous with quality and profitability not to mention chrome bull bars and glistening paintwork.

The origin of the brand name Kenworth is quite simply the combination of the surnames of two of the business partners who reincorporated the business back in 1923. Their names were Harry Kent and Edward K. Worthington. Many people are unaware of the fact that Kenworth also built buses and coaches right up until the middle of the 1950s, before they succumbed to the high demand of heavy truck orders and resorted to focussing primarily on trucks.

Over 60,000 Trucks Produced in Australia

Since 1971, when the first Kenworth rolled off the production line in Australia, over 60,000 Kenworth trucks have been produced, and according to Kenworth, an astounding 70% of these trucks are still on the road today. This is testament to their high quality and the vision of the brand to build to a standard capable of handling Australia’s harsh conditions over hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Kenworth employs over 1000 people in Melbourne alone, the majority of employees being involved in the manufacturing operations.

Market Leader in the Truck Industry

Kenworth is today a market leader in trucks and has a vast range of models in their current range, varying from the classic bonneted models through to the cab over variants. The T610SAR is an example of Kenworth’s brilliant workmanship and engineering – an absolutely stunning truck proudly designed and built in Australia. Kenworth is proud of the fact that this is one of the most aerodynamic and fuel efficient trucks it has ever produced. It is powered by the renowned Cummins X15 Euro V engine which has Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain (ADEPT) technology and pushes out a formidable 600hp.

Safety Features and Driver Comfort

Kenworth’s popularity in the Australian market is due to a number of factors including their reliability and durability over long periods of time. They also have a vast array of safety features as well as a high focus on driver comfort. This is crucial when considering the enormous distances needing to be covered in Australia, whether it’s working as a container transport truck or pulling other loads, and the harsh weather and road conditions drivers are often faced with.

The Kenworth C510 is a perfect example of a rugged truck designed to handle the most extreme conditions of Australia’s mining industry. It is fitted with a powerful 19 litre engine and its cooling system is purpose built to comfortably handle the 50 degree temperatures commonly experienced in these areas.

Ongoing High Demand for Kenworth Trucks

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why Kenworth trucks remain in high demand. Not only do they design and produce quality trucks, but they have the aftermarket service to keep the trucks on the road and their customers happy. Through PACCAR Assist, they are able to offer around the clock roadside assistance, seven days a week. In Australia alone there are 57 parts dealerships. With this kind of support network it’s no surprise that Kenworth’s popularity is not showing any signs of waning. Whether transporting pallets, bulky items or dangerous goods freight, a Kenworth truck can get it to where it needs to be.