Three Crown forklifts.

Crown Equipment Corporation is a well-established global company that specialises in material handling equipment, including forklifts. In Australia, Crown has a significant presence, providing a wide range of forklifts and related services to businesses across various industries.

History of Crown Forklifts

Crown Equipment Corporation has a rich history spanning over eight decades. The company was founded in 1945 by Carl D. Turner in New Bremen, Ohio, USA. Originally named the Crown Iron Works Company, it initially focused on producing temperature controls for coal-burning furnaces.

Capitalising on the growing demand for material handling, Crown shifted its focus to the production of forklifts. Crown’s first forklift marked the beginning of its journey as a leading player in the industry.

Throughout the following decades, Crown continued to innovate and expand its product line, introducing new technologies and ergonomic designs to improve efficiency and operator comfort. Crown then began expanding its global presence, establishing manufacturing facilities and distribution networks in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. The company’s commitment to quality customer satisfaction helped it become a trusted name in the material handling industry.

In the 21st century, Crown has continued to lead the way with advancements in technology and has focused on sustainability initiatives, developing energy efficient forklifts and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Crown Forklift Series

CD Series

This series features diesel forklifts which are designed for more rigorous and demanding tasks. The top model in this series is the D160S 11-25 tonne. This forklift can carry up to 25 tonnes and has a lifting height of up to 6m. With increased capacity and powerful Doosan diesel engines, these forklifts deliver speed, power and efficiency. Equipped with features like a full air actuated brake system, integrated operator instrument panel and pilot actuated hydraulic control valve, operators can work comfortably and efficiently. This specific model is well suited for outdoor use that demands heavy loads to be transported or stored.

CG Series

The Crown CG Series cover liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) forklifts. These LPG forklifts range in load capacities from 1.5 tonnes all the way to 7 tonnes. They are known for their endurance and surprising carrying capacity despite their smaller builds. LPG forklifts also offer environmental benefits over diesel-powered counterparts due to lower emissions, including reduced particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. Their quieter operation contributes to a more pleasant work environment while also reducing noise pollution.

FC Series

The Crown FC Series covers a 4-wheel counterbalance electric forklift. The FC series has a maximum load capacity of 3 tonnes and a max lift height of around 8m. It’s well suited for tight docks and warehouse aisle work due to its high reach capabilities and small turning circle. The FC Series is also very quiet due to being electric. Electric forklifts also surpass LPG and diesel counterparts environmentally, emitting zero pollution during operation and improving air quality.

Crown High Reach Forklift

One of the standout high reach forklift models is the ESR Heavy Duty Reach Truck. It has a 2 tonne load capacity, with a maximum height of around 14m. The ESR is electric, and very well suited for narrow warehouse aisles, where very high lifting is required to reach pallets on higher shelves. These reach trucks are not suited for outdoor use as they do not have large enough wheels to handle the outdoor environment.

    Crown Battery Charging

    The FC series electric forklifts and ESR reach truck come with an option of lithium-ion batteries instead of having to use traditional lead-acid batteries. These have certain advantages some of which include:

      • longer run time
      • longer overall battery life
      • lower maintenance costs.

    Price of Crown Forklifts

    The price for a Crown forklift can vary depending on the model, type and year it was made. Typically, their forklifts will range from $20,000 to $35,000. However, as with other brands such as Komatsu and Toyota, any added accessories or configurations could affect the original price.