A Volvo truck in Australia being driven on a cloudy day.

Volvo Trucks have maintained a strong foothold in Australia, providing a diverse range of reliable and durable vehicles to meet the demanding needs of the transport industry. Renowned for their emphasis on safety, Volvo Trucks are trusted by many Australian businesses. With solutions ranging from long-haul transport to urban distribution, Volvo Trucks contribute significantly to the efficiency and sustainability of Australia’s transport sector.

Who Owns Volvo Trucks?

Volvo Trucks is a part of the Volvo Group, a Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Volvo Group is a leading manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine, industrial engines and aerospace components. Volvo Group was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of SKF, a ball bearing manufacturer, before becoming an independent company in 1935. Since then, the Volvo Group has grown into a global powerhouse, with Volvo Trucks being one of its key divisions alongside other brands such as Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks and UD Trucks. The Volvo Group is publicly traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and is controlled by a combination of institutional investors and private shareholders.

Where are Volvo Trucks Manufactured?

Volvo Trucks manufactures its vehicles in locations around the world to meet the demands of different markets and ensure proximity to customers. Some of the key manufacturing facilities for Volvo Trucks are located in Sweden, Belgium, Brazil, the United States and China. In Sweden, the company has production facilities in Gothenburg and Umeå, and in Belgium Volvo Trucks operates a major assembly plant in Ghent. Brazil is another important manufacturing hub for Volvo Trucks, with production facilities in Curitiba and Pederneiras catering to the South American market. In North America, Volvo Trucks has manufacturing operations in Virginia. These manufacturing plants play a very important role in ensuring the availability of Volvo Trucks’ products worldwide.

History of Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks have a long history that dates back to 1928 when the first Volvo truck, the LV series, rolled off the assembly line in Gothenburg, Sweden. Over the decades, Volvo has continuously expanded its product line, establishing itself as a global leader in the commercial truck industry. Throughout its history, Volvo Trucks has been one with safety, leading numerous advancements in vehicle safety technology. From introducing the three-point seatbelt in 1959 to developing precise collision avoidance systems, Volvo Trucks has remained at the forefront of safety innovation. Today, Volvo Trucks continues to push boundaries with its range of efficient, environmentally-friendly trucks, strengthening its position as a trusted safety brand in the transportation sector.

Who Makes Volvo Truck Engines?

Volvo Trucks designs and manufactures its own engines in Sweden. These engines are developed by Volvo Group’s Powertrain division, which is responsible for designing and producing powertrains for Volvo Trucks, as well as other Volvo Group brands such as Mack Trucks and Renault Trucks. 

Volvo Truck Models

The Volvo Truck models currently sold in Australia are:


    • Volvo FH16
    • Volvo FH
    • Volvo FH Electric
    • Volvo FMX
    • Volvo FMX Electric
    • Volvo FM
    • Volvo FM Electric
    • Volvo FE
    • Volvo FE Electric
    • Volvo FL Electric.

The Volvo FMX is a rugged and reliable truck designed for heavy-duty use in construction, mining and other demanding industries. It’s notorious for its robustness and “off-road” capabilities, making it a preferred choice for tough working conditions.

Key features of the Volvo FMX include:

    • Sturdy construction. The FMX is built on a strong chassis and frame, capable of withstanding heavy loads and rough terrains without lacking in performance.
    • Powerful engine options. Volvo offers a range of powerful engines such as the D13 which is a good choice for heavier and more demanding tasks. It provides plenty of torque and horsepower to tackle challenging tasks efficiently.
    • Off-road performance. The FMX is equipped with advanced rear air suspension which is made for construction trucks, and also has 300mm of ground clearance. The FMX excels in off-road environments, ensuring stability and traction in rough conditions.
    • Safety. The Volvo FMX comes with a range of safety features including advanced braking systems, stability control and driver assistance technologies to enhance safety for both the driver and surrounding road users.
    • Several cab options. Choose between the day cab, low day cab, sleeper cab, low sleeper cab, globetrotter cab and crew cab.

Some other noteworthy models include: 

    • Volvo FH. The FH is designed to mainly for comfort on long drives equipped with a bed, microwave and dual refrigerators. Whether transporting dangerous goods freight or large and heavy items, the FH can move it with ease. Available in both diesel and electric.
    • Volvo FH Electric Truck. The Volvo FH electric truck is designed to give maximum comfort while also transporting large amounts of cargo at an efficient pace. It’s best used for construction work and urban delivery due to its minimal noise output and emissions.
    • Volvo FM. The Volvo FM is made with a low drivers position to enable easier eye contact with pedestrians and other road users. It’s great for pallet delivery, waste transport and the movement of chemicals such as petroleum. As with the FH, it comes in both diesel and electric.
    • Volvo FH16. Equipped with a D16 engine, the FH16 is Volvo’s most powerful truck. It’s the ideal truck for companies doing regular, heavy road transport requiring more load capacity (e.g. for mining or transporting heavy construction materials). You can choose between a 550 hp, 600 hp, 650 hp and 700 hp engine.

The image below shows the Volvo FMX:

One of the Volvo truck models in Australia - the Volvo FMX.

The Volvo FMX.

Price of Volvo Trucks in Australia

As with most truck companies, Volvo does not share their pricing publicly. To get a custom price, you’ll need to enquire via their website.

The price of a second-hand Volvo FH series truck typically falls between $150,000 and $400,000. This is similar to a new Iveco truck in Australia. The range will naturally vary depending on factors like the truck’s age, mileage, condition and any additional accessories or trailers included in the deal.

Volvo Truck Safety Features

Volvo has created and updated 9 new safety features designed to keep yourself and other road users safe on the road. The five new safety features include:


    1. Front Short Range Assist. This safety feature warns the driver when pedestrians or cyclists are detected at the front of the truck with visual and audible warnings.
    2. Door Opening Warning. This feature prevents the driver from hitting pedestrians or other cars when opening the door. A red warning light is shown on the mirror and a sound is emitted to alert you of the danger.
    3. Side Collision Avoidance Support. Volvo’s side collision safety feature helps to prevent crashes during turns or lane changes. If another road user is detected next to the truck a red light will appear on the mirror. If the driver indicates that it is going to turn to the side of the road user, the red light will start flashing and a warning sound will begin.
    4. Auto Hold. This feature ensures the Volvo truck remains stationary when on a hill slope. The truck won’t roll unless the accelerator is applied.
    5. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. This system, warns the driver if the tyre pressure is too low and if there is a risk of a flat tyre or a blowout. This is done by sensors that are mounted on the rims of the tyres.

How Long Can a Volvo Truck Last?

With regular maintenance and servicing, Volvo Trucks have been known to drive anywhere between 500,000km to 1,000,000km. However, Volvo Trucks South Africa stated that a Volvo truck driver had achieved a significant milestone – they clocked over 2 million kilometres in 9 years!

Volvo Truck Careers

Volvo Trucks Australia has a wide variety of employment opportunities. Click here to find out more about Volvo truck careers.