Here at Freight Quote Australia we often find ourselves organising transport for fairly similar items.

Boxes of stock and pallets make up the bulk of our business, so when we received a freight quote request from Andy who runs a Custom Furniture business in Brisbane, we were curious to find out more about more about them.

It turns out that they make many types of custom handmade furniture, and even offer to make furniture designed by their customers. Many different techniques including woodcarving, leather-work and upholstery are used for this and they also do furniture restoration on old or damaged antique chairs, sofas and tables which is how we first heard about them.

James at Cannonvale had an antique dining chair which was showing its age and needed serious work to restore it to its former glory. The trouble was that there was no-one local who could do the job. When he found Custom Furniture online and got in touch with Andy, he knew he had found the right team for the job. The only remaining dilemma, was how to get this fragile chair to Brisbane and back to Cannonvale in one piece, so Andy contacted Freight Quote Australia.

When transporting valuable, and especially fragile, items, it’s essential to ensure that they are packaged correctly. Many people assume that they can simply hand a dining chair to the driver upon pickup, for transport across the country. The key thing to realise is that for most of the journey, it will be in a large semi-trailer packed with many other bulky items and pallets, and that if it is not packaged correctly there is a high chance it will be damaged in transit.

Thankfully Andy understood this, and was able to convey to James that the chair needed to be either in a box or crate of some sort for transport. This wasn’t a problem and although the pickup was delayed by one day due to a lack of available vehicles in Cannonvale, the rest of the delivery, restoration and return transport went ahead without a hitch.

We hope James enjoys his chair for many years to come, but if he has any other furniture he needs Andy to work his magic on, he now knows to contact Freight Quote Australia.