A Toyota forklift in Australia.

In Australia, Toyota forklifts are a popular choice due to their reliability and strong customer support. With a wide range of models suited for different purposes, Toyota forklifts are trusted by businesses across various industries.

Originating from Toyota Industries Corporation, the company traces back to 1926 in Japan, where it was founded by Sakichi Toyoda. Initially focusing on automatic looms, Toyota later diversified into automotive manufacturing, eventually establishing Toyota Material Handling as a division dedicated to producing forklifts. With manufacturing facilities strategically located across the globe, including Japan, the United States and Europe, Toyota Material Handling ensures production and distribution of its popular forklifts to meet the growing needs of industries worldwide.

Toyota Forklift Models and Series

Toyota manufactures and sells many types of forklifts in Australia. Below are some popular types, series and models:

Toyota Forklift 8-Series

One popular Toyota forklift model in the Australian material handling industry, is the Toyota 8-Series Forklift. This series encompasses a range of models including the Toyota:

    • 8FGCU
    • 8FGU
    • 8FDU.

Each of these models are made to meet specific requirements. The 8-Series forklifts prioritise comfort and visibility for extended periods of operation, alongside efficiency-enhancing features to ensure maximum control with minimal operator effort. They boast excellent stability through innovative SAS and OPS systems and are designed to be environmentally friendly with low noise and exhaust emissions. Additionally, they are built for reliability and ease of service.

Internal Combustion Forklifts, which run on gasoline, diesel fuel, liquid propane gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG), offer advantages such as outdoor suitability, resilience in inclement weather, lower initial costs, no need for battery recharge, higher capacity and quick refueling.

The Toyota 8-Series forklifts have a maximum lift capacity ranging from 0 to 1900kg, a maximum lift height between 4.3m and 6m, an overall height of 1.98m and a gross vehicle weight of 3,790kg.

Toyota Forklift 7 Series

Another Toyota forklift model that compares to the 8-Series in popularity and performance is the Toyota 7-Series Forklift. Like the 8-Series, the 7-Series has a variety of models designed to meet material handling needs across various industries some of these include:

    • 7FGCU
    • 7FGU
    • 7FBEU.

The 7-Series Forklifts are available in both internal combustion engine and electric-powered variants, offering flexibility to suit different environments. They have a maximum lift capacity of 4000 to 5900kg and a maximum lift height of 4.3 to 6m. The overall height and gross vehicle weight is yet to be announced at time of writing.

Like the 8-Series, the Toyota 7-Series Forklifts feature Toyota’s SAS system, making for a safer forklift experience overall.

Toyota Core Electric Forklift

Because it’s compact and maneuverable, the Toyota Core Electric Forklift is a great choice for indoor warehouse use. It can handle heavy loads and works well in tight spaces, with a minimum width requirement of just 3.35m. Plus, it features an AC motor designed and made by Toyota, offering high performance to boost productivity and ensure a good return on investment. The Toyota Core Electric Forklift has a lift capacity of up to 3 tonnes, can lift as high as 7m and can move at 14-18km/h with a full load.

The current Toyota Core Electric Forklift models and their maximum load capacity are:

    • 8FBC15U (1,360kg)
    • 8FBCU20-COMP (1,800kg)
    • 8FBCHU25 (2,270kg)
    • 8FBC18U (1,590kg)
    • 8FBCU20 (1,810kg)
    • 8FBCU25 (2,270kg)
    • 8FBCU25-COMP (2,270kg)
    • 8FBCU28 (2,490kg)
    • 8FBCU30 (2,720kg)
    • 8FBCU32 (2,950kg).

High Reach Toyota Forklifts

Toyota’s high reach forklifts are designed specifically for taller tasks, and there are a wide variety of models with unique specs and features.

The Toyota 7000 Series reach forklifts have a lift height of up to 13.7m, a lift capacity of approximately 2 tonnes and can lift up to 1 tonne at 13.5 metres. This forklift is typically recommended for indoor general warehouse use or any lightweight shelf work.

Toyota Forklift Price

For a brand-new internal combustion Toyota forklift, you could be looking at anything from $20,000 to $50,000. For a brand-new electric forklift, the price may be anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000.


Does Toyota Sell Good Forklifts?

Toyota is known for their quality craftsmanship and effort that they put into perfecting their forklifts. Toyota makes forklifts that last and are known for being easy to operate, reliable and low maintenance. However, the price at which these forklifts come at can seem overwhelming for small businesses who just want something that can run smoothly and keep up with day-to-day warehouse work.

In general, Toyota forklifts in Australia are considered a top brand due to their quality forklifts equipped with the famous System of Active stability (SAS) safety feature.