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E-commerce and Large Parcel Courier

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Advancing technology has made online shopping easier, safer and more accessible with the ability to browse and purchase from any device no matter where you are. The advance of advertising technology such as Google Shopping recently launched in a handful of countries (including Australia), further enhances the shoppers’ experience as it allows users to search for products, view images and prices instantly – making price and product comparisons quick and easy.

From clothes and electronics, to tools and building materials, to food and wine – there’s practically no limit to what you can buy online. Anything you can think of – chances are someone is selling it on the internet, on Ebay or Gumtree. There is no denying that the popularity of e-commerce has revolutionised the way we buy and sell. This includes both cheap and expensive products. Consequently, the way we do business has changed too. Services like interstate parcel delivery may have been considered to be predominately for getting Christmas presents to the grandchildren or a package to a relative interstate. Now it’s become a part of everyday life for many businesses and consumers.

“The benefits for both the shopper and the seller are great, making online shopping the obvious choice.”

Speed and Convenience

With the fast paced digital world we live in, everyone seems to be time poor and it’s easy to see why online shopping has become so popular. The convenience of online shopping and the speed of small and large parcel delivery, especially within metro areas, means consumers can save time and avoid the effort of conventional shopping. The e-commerce phenomena means that consumers now expect to be able to find what they’re looking for online and have the ability to purchase it immediately.
From a business perspective, an online store requires very little capital investment and overheads which makes it a perfect option for start-ups or businesses branching out into product sales. E-commerce allows sellers to reach more consumers locally and internationally, which may not always be feasible for small to medium enterprises through conventional marketing and sales techniques. The benefits for both the shopper and the seller are great, making online shopping the obvious choice.
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“Getting your goods to your customers quickly and safely

Reliable Service

With the increase in popularity and the recognition by many businesses that selling online is no longer an option but a necessity, the competition is huge and growing. Meeting consumers’ expectations and standing out from the crowd is essential to making your online store a success. An online store needs to be easy to navigate and engaging, and the product descriptions need to be accurate, clear and relevant. All these factors contribute to the customer experience.

But it doesn’t end there. An essential link in the online shopping chain is parcel delivery. Getting your goods to your customers quickly and safely is as important as getting the sale in the first place. Especially within metro areas, consumers expectation has become “next business day delivery”. Online merchants that fail to deliver on parcel freight, risking losing customers to their competitors.

Knowing that your large parcel courier is part of an experienced and professional company means less stress for you and greater satisfaction for your customers. You need someone you can trust. At Freight Quote Australia, we only send your goods with carefully selected courier companies.
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