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Standard or Urgent Courier Service

Need a local courier to pick something up and deliver it by tomorrow afternoon? Book a cheap courier by selecting our Standard Courier delivery service. Bookings confirmed before 5pm on any given weekday, can be picked up and delivered by the following business day. The Standard Courier delivery service is the most cost effective service we offer within the major metros. Request a Quote with Freight Quote today.

Last minute customer orders, urgent orders for building materials or machinery parts – request an Urgent Courier. This is a fast same day courier service, and provided your booking is confirmed before 2pm, we will manage to arrange your delivery by the late afternoon or early evening. When you book an Urgent Courier service, we guarantee to delivery your goods intact and on time, or your full delivery fee refunded, subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

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Tips for Courier Customers

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that the pickup and delivery of your goods proceeds as smoothly as possible. Making sure we have your correct contact details is one of them. We can ask the driver to call you in advance of delivery, so having your correct mobile number will help to avoid any delays on that front. Book your courier service as early as possible, ensuring that you are prepared to pack and send your item in time for the pickup. Even if the goods are not yet ready to be picked up, by letting us know well in advance when they will be ready to be picked up, will help us to get things moving as quickly as possible, and to give you the priority you deserve. The same day delivery for an Urgent Courier service is within any single Capital City or other large metro area. If your delivery is from one city to another city (e.g. from Sydney to Melbourne) then you should allow at least two extra business days. Package the goods properly, remembering that some friction and knocks during the transport process is generally inevitable.

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Metro Courier Transport

The definition of what areas are included within any particular city’s ‘metro’ will generally include the outskirts of the city, but may not include other towns or regional centres which are not commonly know to be part of the city in question. For example in Sydney, an Urgent Delivery to Camden, could be made on the same day, whereas an Urgent Delivery to Picton would by default take place on the following day, as it falls well outside of the Sydney Metro zone.

Freight Quote – Professional Courier Services

Whether you have a few large boxes to move or you have a multi-pallet delivery needing to be transported over a longer distance, you can rely on Freight Quote to spare no effort in helping you to get your goods where they need to be, on time and intact. We are backed by an extensive group of professional courier and transport professionals and we take pride in doing the right thing both by us and by the businesses and individuals whom we service. Contact us today for a freight quote or appraisal of your road transport needs.