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Whether you are buying, selling or just relocating a shipping container, Freight Quote can arrange shipping container transport to its final destination. Simply fill out the request form below and we’ll be in touch. Our container transport service caters for both 20′ and 40′ containers, and includes pick up, transportation and dropping off your shipping container at the final destination. While our main service area is Sydney and surrounding areas, we can arrange the transportation of your empty or loaded shipping container anywhere in Australia, through our network of partner container transport providers.
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*Note: we require up to 1 to 2 business days to process your Freight Container quote request.*

Container Transport Loading Options

There are 3 common methods used to safely load a shipping container onto and off the transport vehicle tray. The method we recommend at both the pickup and delivery site will be determined mainly by the access possibilities at each point.

Side Loader:

The side loader method utelises two large arms and, as the name suggestions, effectively lifts and places the container off the tray and onto the ground beside the truck. This option has a number of benefits, in that the container can be lifted from or placed into a relatively tight space. It does however require sufficient space next to the delivery truck.

Freight Quote - Container Transport Loading Options using a Side Loader

Tilt Tray:

With the tray extended and tilted down towards the rear, the container is attached with chains and winched up onto the truck. At the delivery point, the truck reverses until the rear of the truck is close to the desired position. The tray slides backwards and again, tilts towards the rear. The container slides to the ground, and the tray is returned to its original position, effectively sliding the container off and leaving it on the ground.
If Freight Quote will organise your container delivery by either of the above two methods, it’s important that you specific in advance which way the container doors should be facing on the truck – either to the rear, or to the front.

Container Freight being unloaded using a Tilt Tray

Hiab or Crane:

If access at the delivery point is restricted , or if you need the container placed several metres away from the nearest driveable surface, then the crane method may be your best option. Hiab trucks are fitted with a crane, and will hoist the container straight up and off the truck deck and into place.
When requesting your container transport, it imperative that you specify whether the container is empty, or (if loaded) what it contains, and the total estimated weight of the goods inside the shipping container.

Freight Quote - Hiab Container Transport Services

About Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are extremely robust and versatile. In addition to their traditional use (secure transporation of goods buy sea, road and rail) they are often used for temporary or long term storage purposes. It’s also not uncommon to see shipping containers renovated into small, portable airconditioned offices on building sites.
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