There are many variables that need to be taken into account when bulky freight is to be transported over short or long distances.

You will understand the reasons behind many of the questions that your freight broker asks you, such as “will there be someone present during pick up and/or delivery? How will the goods be loaded? Is there a forklift on the premises? Will a tail lift be required?” And of course, they will want to know the total weight and volume of the consignment itself before providing you with a freight quote.

Customers who require freight to be moved for the first time will often have a particular plan in mind with regard to how they will pack and send their goods. They might state, for example, ‘please come at 2 o’clock in the afternoon’, as this is a convenient time for their business or household to assist with getting the goods on their way. Transport companies on the whole will not wish to guarantee any such pick up time. The simple reason for this is that, unlike a taxi service, where one vehicle will generally be allocated to only one job at a time, transport vehicles will often be juggling jobs, and priorities can often change during the course of the day, depending on any number of factors.

Similarly freight companies in Australia will rarely promise a delivery of a consignment at a specific time. As with the pick-up, the exact time at which a particular vehicle will find itself at the delivery point, depends on numerous factors, many of which fall completely outside of the control of the transport company and the driver of the vehicle.

Two of the most unavoidable major factors affecting the timing will be unexpected issues with an earlier pick up, for example a broken-down forklift, a lost key for a locked gate, and of course any number of traffic incidents.

When booking a freight service, it’s recommended to think more in terms of at what point the delivery will be available for pick up. The freight company will note this, but no one should be under the impression that the freight will be picked up at that time. It will be picked up from that time onwards, subject to any delays the company has experienced. In any case, providing a mobile number to the transport company and planning to be in the area on the day of pick up, is good practice.

Those not involved in the day to day moving of freight can often find it difficult to comprehend how a 2-3 hour time window can be difficult to achieve. While this is not an unreasonable thought, the fact remains that many transport companies will go to great lengths to avoid categorically guaranteeing that the goods will be delivered within the time frame when providing a freight quote in Australia, knowing from experience that a simple road closure or accident can throw a whole delivery day out of whack. In no way does this reflect the professionalism of the freight company or the driver.