Freight Quote - Interstate Deliveries Melbourne to Sydney

Freight Melbourne to Sydney

Do you require a Melbourne to Sydney freight delivery service? Get in touch with us today to Request a Quote! Whether it be cleaning and packaging supplies, office equipment, engine and machinery parts, bulk stationary retail or wholesale building supplies, Freight Quote’s convenient interstate delivery services can help. If you’re shipping business to business, it’s important that you advise us of the opening hours both at the pick up point and delivery point, otherwise the driver will assume that the business will be open during common business trading hours, typically 7am – 5pm.

If you’re moving home or office between Melbourne and Sydney, then you essentially have 3 options:

  1. Pack your goods on pallets (Freight Quote’s speciality)
  2. Hire a removalist company to hand load and transport your boxes and furniture
  3. Book a self-pack shipping container

Of course, due to their size, not all goods can be shipped on pallets. But if they can, then the pallet option will almost certainly be the cheapest. The two key questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best interstate freight Melbourne to Sydney options are:

  1. Will all my items fit on pallets, without exceeding Freight Quote’s standard pallet dimensions (1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8, including the pallet)
  2. Can all the goods be securely fixed to the pallet(s) to ensure they don’t become dislodged or damaged during transport.

If the answer to these two questions is yes, then chances are we can help you save on your moving costs, whether you are shipping from Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to Melbourne. Long distance transport Melbourne to Sydney does cost money. Beware of very cheap interstate courier quotes you find online, as these can be more trouble than they’re worth.

“Whether it be packaging supplies, office equipment, machinery parts or building supplies – Freight Quote’s convenient interstate delivery services can help.”

Options for Sydney to Melbourne Freight

For shipping from Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa, there are two main options – Delivery to Depot, and Delivery to Door. Usually the most convenient option is to get your items shipped door to door. If you request Freight Quote’s Melbourne to Sydney service, you can expect your goods to be picked up latest by the following business day, and delivered within 2 – 3 business days. Interstate deliveries will typically be delivered to a central storage facility or ‘depot’ before being loaded onto a smaller truck or other vehicle and delivered direct to the final address. The size of the vehicle used will depend on how many pallets are being delivered to the final destinations. If the final address is a narrow lane way which is only accessible by car sized vehicles, you should mention this at the time of booking your delivery.

Hume Hwy – Dual Carriageway all the way

The Hume Highway which links Melbourne to Sydney may be considered to be Australia’s most significant highway, and is the default route for road freight vehicles transporting goods between Australia’s two largest cities.  In August 2013 the dual carriageway was officially completed, making the Hume route faster, safer and more convenient for private travelers and transport companies alike.