All over the world economic analysts are noting rising trends in online shopping. More and more people prefer to buy things online instead of the traditional method of visiting the stores. There are many benefits and advantages associated with online shopping and convenience is perhaps the biggest drawcard. Being able to do your shopping in the middle of the night from the comfort of your pyjamas is certainly an advantage to consumers who perhaps find themselves unable to get to the mall before closing time. Online shopping advocates typically refer to better prices, wider range and readily available reviews and price comparisons. In many online stores, shipping from manufacturer to consumer is a well-oiled process, but this is not always the case.

Save Money with Online Shopping

It can be cheaper to buy goods online for a number of reasons. Not only do customers potentially save on petrol, parking, eating out and impulse buys, but the products themselves can also be a lot cheaper online. Often the products go straight from the manufacture to the consumer, without the need for a middle man. In some parts of the world, online stores are only required to pay a sales tax if they have a physical location. These amounts are usually incorporated into the overall price meaning that the omission of the tax results in real savings.

Having Systems in Place for Smoother Transactions

In the world of online shopping a well organised delivery system is essential. Customers finalise their purchases, provide a street address and expect their potentially large items to be delivered within a given time frame. At the other end, there is no need for the seller to maintain an attractive physical shop front; a warehouse will often be sufficient. And in some cases, the sellers don’t even stock a single item themselves. They are simple a go-between, matching up merchants with consumers and taking their share of the profit. All this, however, is a trade off for providing consistently reliable shipping services, and it only takes a few mistakes for the store to lose favour with their customers.

Optional Delivery or Pick-Up

Some online stores offer a pick-up option with their products and customers looking to save a few extra dollars might opt for organising the collection of their recent purchases. GraysOnline is the largest industrial and commercial online auction business in Australasia and has pick-up points spread out across Australia. There is, however, a catch that customers should be aware of. GraysOnline states that:

“It’s very important that items are picked up as per the advertised pickup timetable. If you are not sure if you can pick up an item, please arrange for someone else to pick it up, book a courier … or do not bid on said item(s).”

They then go on to explain why customers should think twice about bidding for pick-up sales:

“This is because if you do not pick up your item within the stated timeframe your goods will then be deemed abandoned.”

Need Bulky Items Collected from GraysOnline?

Freight Quote Australia receives a lot of requests relating to purchases from GraysOnline. Sometimes customers have had every intention of picking up their items, but are prevented by circumstances outside of their control. We simply require the winner’s email, along with written authorisation, photo ID and assurance that the items are packaged adequately to arrange the pick up and delivery. Need items picked up from GraysOnline? Contact us today for a fast courier quote Australia-wide!

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