Frequently Asked Questions answered for Freight Quote

Freight Quote Australia FAQs

What types of freight can Freight Quote Australia deliver?

We can delivery practically anything, from an envelope to a shipping container. However our specialty is general freight – large parcels, pallets and other bulky items. We generally do not ship items which are classed as Dangerous Goods.

How long does a Standard Delivery take within the metro areas?

If you book a Standard Delivery service before 10am, you can expect your goods to be picked up and delivered by the end of the same business day. Request a Quote today.

How much does it cost to arrange an ‘Urgent’ delivery

Urgent Deliveries get special priority, and will usually be picked up and delivered within a matter of hours – within the same metro area. Generally an Urgent Delivery can cost up to twice as much as a Standard Delivery, though this can vary depending on the time of day, day of week and the size of the vehicle required.

My goods are on a pallet but I don’t have a forklift?

That shouldn’t be a problem. If you are shipping palletised goods but don’t have your own forklift at the pickup point, we will arrange for a tail-lift or a vehicle fitted with a crane, to load the pallets up for you.

Which areas do you pick up from and deliver to?

We ship between practically all cities and towns in Australia and abroad.

My goods are too heavy to be lifted by one person – will the driver help to load the goods?

While it’s not uncommon for the driver to volunteer to help to load or unload the goods at the pickup or delivery address, it’s important to be aware that Freight Quote Australia is not a removalist business, and the ultimate responsibility for any hand loading or unloading rests with you. Drivers should not be expected to lift more than 25kg unaided.

I’m not able to be present when the goods are to be picked up, will this be a problem?

This should not be a problem, providing you advise us of this at the time of booking. Similarly, if you or the person at the receiving end of the delivery are not able to be at home or on site to receive the delivery, let us know as early as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

My goods are too heavy to be lifted by hand and are being sent interstate – does that mean I need to send them on a pallet?

Strictly speaking, bulky freight doesn’t have to be shipped on pallets, but it will always be the recommended method. Pallets are a universal method of transporting bulky and heavy items. Items which are shipped off pallets require more time and care to load and unload, whereas palletised goods can be quickly and easily moved by an experienced forklift operator. Of course there are certain types of goods which, due to size and shape are not suited to be transported on pallets. In these cases it’s important that you package the consignment with extra care, and advise us of any special handling requirements – e.g. whether the freight can be loaded with a forklift, or whether a crane is required, etc.

Can Freight Quote Australia guarantee delivery within a deadline?

Our Urgent Delivery guarantee promises our customers a full refund if the driver fails to arrive at the delivery address within the requested deadline, subject to our standard terms and conditions, and of course subject to the information provided to us being complete and correct. While almost all deliveries do arrive on time, we can of course not guarantee that a delay will not occur. The very common risks associated with road transport make it impossible to guarantee a delivery time, even though we take every step possible to ensure that your goods are delivered within the requested timeframe. Should your consignment be of a particularly critical nature, then we recommend you book an Urgent Delivery, which will maximise the chances of no delays, and will also see your fees refunded in full should there still occur an unforeseen delay in your delivery.