Around Australia in a Caravan

Adam began a long road trip with some friends that was to take him from Arundel, on the Gold Coast, all around Australia. The caravan was packed with all manner of necessities and some not so necessary items, and the first 38 hours’ drive went relatively well until it broke down at Durack in Darwin.

Fortunately, they were in town when the breakdown occurred and no injuries were sustained as a result of this. However, they were now stuck far from home and with the caravan a write-off there was no way to get the numerous bulky items they’d brought back to Arundel..

Further to this, Adam had no account with any freight companies that could help him, so he contacted Freight Quote Australia.

It’s not common for people to move large bulky household items between states, and less so as far as from Darwin to the Gold Coast. Usually they only need to be moved within the same city. In these cases, it’s possible to use a truck with a tail-lift, and wheel each item on to the truck individually with a trolley. The reason it’s not so easy to do this when transporting bulky items between states is that each item must be forklift accessible. The truck that picks up the goods initially will not take them directly to their destination. It will take them to the local depot, after which they will be moved between trucks and depots multiple times before being loaded onto a delivery vehicle at the destination city.

Made Possible by a Pallet

To avoid having to manhandle each item individually at every transfer, the best way to freight them is to pack the various items onto a single pallet, and strap and wrap the pallet for easy transportation. With some guidance and tips from Freight Quote Australia, Adam managed to securely pack the pallet so that it could be safely transported. No small feat considering the varied nature of the goods he was trying to pack on there. All that remained from this point was to confirm that the total weight of the pallet was under 1 tonne, due to the tail-lift being required at pickup and delivery, to arrange the paperwork and book in a tail-lift truck for the pickup. The following week, the pallet arrived in Arundel and was safely unloaded via tail-lift. Pallets really simplify transportation! The caravan, however, was never heard from again.

We hope Adam gets another chance to do his dream trip, avoiding any extra road trip quotes. But if he gets stuck again, Freight Quote Australia will be here to help.